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In contrast to the glut of heartbreaking and infuriating articles found in alternative news sites, this blog presents an analysis of the current situation in the U.S.A. from a political, historical and intellectual perspective. We are not optimistic about solutions but are happy to support Ron Paul's political campaign despite our disagreement with his blatantly anti-libertarian stance on abortion and other issues. His campaign will serve, at least, to help frame a serious constitutional debate. This will be highly beneficial to the educated minority consisting of those individuals who have effected changes and provided progress, however slow, in the evolution of human society.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

From: The Antifederalists Were Right -- Gary M. Galles 2006

"The judicial tyranny that was accurately and unambiguously predicted by Brutus and other Antifederalists shows that in essential ways, they were right and that modern Americans still have a lot to learn from them. We need to understand their arguments and take them seriously now, if there is to be any hope of restraining the federal government to the limited powers it was actually granted in the Constitution, or even anything close to them, given its current tendency to accelerate its growth beyond them."


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